WhatsAppMA APK Download Latest Version [2023]

You can download the latest version of WhatsAppMA APK. We have updated the download link so you can get this updated modified WhatsApp for free. We are back with another variant of the popular messaging app which is WhatsApp. This free video calling app can make your day when you are locked down in your home due to any situation. With features like a quick messaging feature, sending images, audio messages, GIFs, and videos, this modified version of WhatsApp can make your day.

And with the added benefit of an improved user interface, you can use the app without any hassle. So, if you haven’t tried our amazing version of WhatsAppMA APK yet, what are you waiting for? Go grab it now and start messaging, video calling, and sending files with ease.

What is WhatsAppMA APK?

You can now break the privacy limit with WhatsAppMA APK. This is another modified WhatsApp that is developed for users who need something extra rather than the same boring green WhatsApp. This app has all the features of traditional WhatsApp but there are dozens of other options that users can find helpful. The best part of this app is you can spoof your location, last seen date, online or offline status, blue ticks, etc. Imagine the possibility of having ultimate control over your messaging life!

It’s time you say goodbye to all those restrictions and start using WhatsAppMA to get the best out of your messaging experience. With this app, you can slip in and out of conversations without being noticed, and even hide messages from specific people. Not just that, it provides you with a whole range of crazy themes and personalization options for your chats.

Download WhatsAppMA APK Latest Version

WhatsApp NameWhatsAppMA
App byAPK Artist
Version6.60 (Latest Version)
Last Updated1 Day ago
Android RequirementsAndroid 5.1 or above
Total Downloads1000K
App Size37 MB
File TypeAPK
APK Information

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Best Features of WhatsAppMA APK

These are the best features of WhatsAppMA APK that make it a perfect and great alternative to traditional WhatsApp applications. It has many new and old but improved attributes that make it the best and most preferred messaging application among users. We will go feature by feature and see what those qualities make this modded app a perfect choice for every chatting lover.

Vanished Blue Ticks

Blue ticks are the algorithmic signs of WhatsApp that confirm to the sender that your message has been delivered and read by the receiver. WhatsApp uses this function so that the sender can know the status of his messages. But is this function really helpful? Well, this is annoying because there are some situations when we don’t want to respond to a message while we read the message.

Now the other person or sender will know that you have read the message but still didn’t respond. To get rid of this problem, WhatsAppMA APK allows you to send and receive messages without using the blue ticks. This feature is especially useful if you don’t want to respond immediately to any message or conversation. You can easily use WhatsAppMA and get some time to respond.

Send Photos in Original Format and Quality

One of the worst parts of using regular WhatsApp is it compresses the photos and reduces the size and quality so they can deliver them fast. But it will ruin all the moments you have captured in the photo. But with WhatsAppMA APK, you can send photos just like how it was taken or downloaded from the internet. No more blurry images, no more pixelated pictures. Just the original format and quality.

Dark Theme Mode

In recent years, one thing that has gained so much popularity is dark mode. Whether you are using iPhone, Android, PC, or any other device, the dark mode is surely something that you want to get your hands on. And WhatsAppMA APK is no different in this race. Not only does it have a great dark mode, but also the feature is easily accessible and can be turned on or off with just one click. This dark mode also decreases the drainage of the battery in comparison to the normal mode. So, if you want to save on battery and also get that cool dark mode look, WhatsAppMA is the way to go.

New Stickers and Emojis

Adding some cool and beautiful stickers to your chat can express your feelings more accurately. And now with WhatsAppMA, you can do exactly just that. This new WhatsApp has a whole new array of stickers and emojis for you to choose from. Whether you’re feeling sassy, happy, or just plain exasperated — there’s something for all your moods. And don’t worry about the chat getting too overwhelming, you can even customize the stickers according to your style.

Use Multiple Languages

Now you can use WhatsApp with multiple languages. You can use a built-in language exchanger to communicate with people all over the world, no matter what language they speak. The WhatsAppMA lets you select from multiple languages and choose to communicate in the language of your choice. That’s right, a multilingual WhatsApp! You don’t have to learn another language just to chat with your friends. Now you can chat with anyone, no matter what language they speak.

In-Chat Search

How often do you find yourself needing to search for something that was talked about a long time ago, but you can’t seem to find it? With WhatsAppMA APK’s new In-Chat Search feature, you can quickly and easily search through all your chat conversations to find that one message or keyword you were looking for! It’s like having a personal assistant that can find anything in your chats – maybe even more helpful than humans.

Differentiate Between Broadcast Text and Common Text

The beauty of WhatsAppMA is that it offers to distinguish between broadcast messages and common messages. If someone sends you a broadcast message it will separate them from regular messages, so you can easily distinguish between the two. In this way, you can always know which message is meant for you and which one is meant for a wider audience. So, goodbye to all those times when you had to scroll through the long list of messages to find the one you needed! With WhatsAppMA, you can be sure that your message is delivered correctly and quickly.

Delete Junk Files Automatically

Now your phone’s memory will never be jammed with unnecessary files. WhatsAppMA APK takes care of that by automatically deleting all junk files, making sure your device runs like a well-oiled machine. No more worrying about storage space or laggy performance – with WhatsAppMA, you can rest assured your phone will always be running at peak performance. Plus, you can always take back control of your storage with just a few taps of the screen. Goodbye to all those unwanted files cluttering up your device – hello to a cleaner and smoother experience.

Spoof Last Seen Date

Finally, with WhatsAppMA you have the power to spoof your last seen date. Now you can make sure that no one knows when you were last online. This feature is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their private life private and make sure that no one knows when they were last online. With WhatsAppMA, you can be sure that your privacy is always respected and your last seen date will remain just between you and your friends.

Pros and Cons of WhatsAppMA APK


  • Battery saving dark mode option
  • New stickers and emojis
  • Use multiple languages
  • In-chat search
  • Differentiate between broadcast text and common text
  • Delete junk files automatically
  • Spoof last seen date


  • Not available on iOS devices yet
  • Not available on Google Play Store

How to Download and Install WhatsAppMA APK?

You need to carefully read these instructions if you want to download and install this altered version of WhatsApp on your device.

Step 1: Preparation

Get the device in your hand on which you want to install the app. Also, make sure your internet connection is working fast so you can download the app quickly. Moreover, follow the next steps:

Step 2: Download the APK File

Head over to the link provided by us and download the APK file. You can also get it from any trusted website or third-party app store.

Step 3: Settings

Before you install the app, make sure that your device is allowing the installation of apps from unknown sources. To enable it, go to your device Settings >> Security and Privacy >> Unknown Sources.

Step 4: Installation

Now locate the APK file you downloaded from the link and install it. Once it is done, you will see the icon of WhatsAppMA on your Home screen or App drawer.

Step 5: Log in

Open the app and enter your phone number to get started. You will receive an OTP on your device, which you need to enter for verification. After that, you are good to go and can use the app without any disruptions.


What is the difference between WhatsAppMA APK and WhatApp?

Good question and the answer is simple: WhatsAppMA APK is also WhatsApp but it has more features and it can provide more UI ease. However, WhatsApp is only a regular WhatsApp app.

Is this app like WhatsApp GB?

Yes, you can say this app is similar to WhatsApp GB but there are some minor changes that make this app a bit different.

Is it legal and safe?

As far as safety is concerned, yes, this app is 100% safe to use. However, there is no answer to the legal questions. But this app has not violated any rules of the original WhatsApp so you can use it.

Why WhatsAppMA is WhatsApp not working on Android?

It might be because your Android device is not compatible with this app. To ensure that, please make sure you have the latest version of Android installed on your device.

Can I use this app on iOS?

No, unfortunately, WhatsAppMA APK is only available for Android devices but you can try using other apps that are compatible with iOS.

What is the purpose of this app?

The main purpose of WhatsAppMA APK is to provide its user with an easy-to-use and exciting UI for messaging, making calls, sending files, and more. It also provides features like customization of backgrounds and themes, which are not available in the original version of WhatsApp.

Can I use it for business?

Yes, you can definitely use this app for business purposes. It has all the features that you will need to communicate with your customers or team members in a professional manner.

Can I add multiple users?

Yes, you can easily add multiple users to your WhatsAppMA APK account. With this app, you can have a group chat with your colleagues or friends and easily share files, images, videos, etc.

Is there any subscription fee?

No, this app is free to use and there are no subscription fees or hidden charges.

Final Thoughts

WhatsAppMA APK is an amazing and modified version of WhatsApp that has plenty of exciting features. It provides users with a secure platform for messaging, making calls, and sharing files without any disruptions. Moreover, it also has customization options which make this app worth using. You can spoof many private statuses like online status, messages read status, view the status of others, and other features to make your communication easier.