WhatsApp Official is Not Reliable? What are Other Options?

Privacy is one of the most important things for humans. We have a right to keep our personal matters and things private from others. So when it comes to social media, we also want to keep certain things away from the public, for example, no one wants to share their private photos, call recordings, and even chats.

In this matter, we need to pay attention to our social media apps. Today we will discuss WhatsApp’s official app and we will see why it is not secure and reliable anymore. So bear with us till the end.

WhatsApp Official is Not Reliable

Insane Amount of Private Data

As we all know that WhatsApp is a worldwide app so billions of users are using this app for photo sharing, messaging, texting, and voice or video calls. So all this data and information are stored in the app and its servers. This means if someone hacks into your WhatsApp account, then he/she can access all of your private data and information. It’s like a gold mine for hackers and scammers.

So, if you are using the official application of WhatsApp, then you should be aware of its security issues.

Personal Data Sharing

Since WhatsApp is a part of Facebook, we all know how Facebook makes money. It sells our personal data for ads and other purposes. So, this means that even if you are using the official version of WhatsApp, your data is still being shared with Facebook and other third-party companies.

This is a huge concern for privacy. However, Facebook claims that they do not use WhatsApp data as it is already end-to-end encrypted but we have seen many examples that when we talk about some products on WhatsApp we immediately see ads for them on Facebook.

So, if you are concerned about your data and privacy then it is better to avoid the official version of WhatsApp.

Hacking is Easy

A few months ago, the famous Amazon owner and CEO Jeff Bezos was hacked through a WhatsApp message. So, it is enough to understand the security of this app.

It has been reported by many users that hackers can easily access your WhatsApp and all of its data by exploiting some security vulnerabilities. So, if you are using the official version then be aware that you are also facing this risk.

Less Security

It is true that WhatsApp official has end-to-end encryption but it is less secure compared to some other apps. As we mentioned earlier, even Jeff Bezos was hacked by the WhatsApp vulnerability, so it is clear that this app is not secure enough.

How to Avoid These Issues?

The very simple and easy and also free solution to this problem is to use other WhatsApp versions that are more secure and reliable. You can use GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and OGWhatsApp for this purpose. All these versions of WhatsApp have good security and also provide more features compared to the official version.


So, if you want your data to be secure and away from hackers and scammers, then it is better to avoid the official version of WhatsApp. Instead, use its modified versions like GBWhatsApp or FMWhatsApp as they are more secure and reliable. Thanks for reading!

Hope this helps! 🙂