What is WhatsApp? How to Use it For the First Time?

In 2009, technology surged ahead with the unveiling of groundbreaking devices like the iPhone as well as the Android OS. But it was a revolutionary messaging app called WhatsApp that truly shook things up and changed how we communicate forever. It changed the way people communicate and quickly became a phenomenon all over the world.

Now, if you’re new to this chatting app and want to know how to use it for the first time, here’s a complete step-by-step guide for you.

What is WhatsApp?

What is WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a smartphone app. It is a communication app that allows users to send text messages, make voice and video calls and share videos and photos. It was founded in 2009 by two former Yahoo employees and later acquired by Facebook in 2014.

The app uses end-to-end encryption to protect the privacy of its users’ conversations. This means that only the sender and receiver can read the messages being sent – not even WhatsApp itself can access them.

WhatsApp is available on both Android and iOS devices, as well as on desktop computers through a web interface or an app for Windows and Mac. It has become one of the most widely used messaging apps around the world due to its ease of use, reliability, and security features.

Currently, there are over 2 billion users who are using this app. It is popular because it is free to use and make calls. However, there are some countries that do not allow their people to use this app. It is banned in China, UAE, North Korea, Qatar, and Syria.

What is End-To-End Encrypted Technology?

You must read this line on your WhatsApp “Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of this chat, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them.” And WhatsApp is using this technology. Even GBWhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted.

End-to-end encrypted technology is a type of security that keeps your messages and calls private. It means that only the sender and the receiver of the message or call can access it. It is different from normal encryption, which only encrypts data in transit but not at rest. End-to-end encryption secures the messages and calls before they are even sent, ensuring that no one else can read them.

Is WhatsApp Safe to Use?

Yes, WhatsApp is safe to use. It uses end-to-end encryption technology to protect the privacy of its users’ conversations and also provides various security features, such as two-step verification, to make sure your account is secure and safe from intruders. WhatsApp also provides users with the option to back up their chats, making it easier to recover conversations in case of a device malfunction or data loss.

So you can count on WhatsApp as a secure and safe platform for your conversations. However, keep in mind that no matter how secure a platform is, it is always important to be cautious when it comes to your privacy and security.

Make sure you have strong passwords, are careful when it comes to clicking on suspicious links, and don’t share your personal information with anyone you don’t trust.

What are the Types of WhatsApp?

There are two major types of WhatsApp.

  1. WhatsApp
  2. WhatsApp Business

Regular WhatsApp is the app you use for messaging and calls. It allows you to chat with friends, make group chats, share media, and more.

WhatsApp Business is a version of the app specifically designed for businesses. It allows you to easily connect with customers, gets insights into your customer base, and manage your business communication.

What is a Modified WhatsApp App?

Have you ever wanted to have more control over your WhatsApp experience? Well, now you can with a modified WhatsApp app! Modifying WhatsApp allows you to customize the look and feel of your messaging application, as well as add new features like themes, custom stickers, and more. Some of the famous modified WhatsApp apps are GB WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Gold.

If you’re new to using modified WhatsApp, here’s what you need to know. First, you’ll want to find a reliable source that offers the app. Be sure to do your research and read reviews before downloading. Once you’ve downloaded the modified version of WhatsApp, the next step is to sign up for an account. After that, you’ll be able to customize your experience with the app’s settings.

You can modify the look of your messages with custom colors and fonts, or even add new features like themes, bold text, and custom stickers. You can also control who can send you messages, and add an extra layer of security with a passcode. With the modified version of WhatsApp, you’ll have control over your messaging experience.

How Do I Use WhatsApp for the First Time?

If you are a first-time user of WhatsApp, then this guide is made for you. From downloading an app to start sharing photos and making video calls, you will learn everything here.

Let’s start the guide:

1) How to Download and Install WhatsApp?

The very first thing is to download the WhatsApp app. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms. The installation process is similar for both types of devices. Here is how to download and install this app.

  1. If you are using an Android device then you need to visit the Play Store. However, iOS users need to visit the Apple store.
  2. On your preferred app store, you need to search for “WhatsApp” in the search bar.
  3. You will see the first app of WhatsApp.
  4. Tap on it and download the app on your device.
  5. Once the app is downloaded, it will automatically be installed on your device.

Now the first step is completed and you can proceed to the next steps.

2) Make an Account on WhatsApp

Once you have downloaded and installed WhatsApp, now you need to open an account on WhatsApp so you can connect with other users. To make an account, you need to:

  1. Open the WhatsApp app and accept the terms and conditions.
  2. Now tap on the number bar to enter your mobile number.
  3. Once you enter the number, you need to proceed to the next step which is obtaining an OTP.
  4. Now WhatsApp will send you an OTP (One Time Passcode) to verify your number.
  5. Provide the passcode and continue the process.
  6. Now enter the name that you want to use on WhatsApp.
  7. Choose a photo of you from your phone and add it as a profile picture.
  8. Now set up a status like “Available or Can’t Talk WhatsApp Only”.

Here you have set up your account on WhatApp and now it’s time for the next steps.

3) How to Start a Conversation on WhatApp?

After setting up your WhatsApp account, you can finally go inside your app and start using it. And for the first time, you can start with chatting. The process involves:

  1. Tap on the chat button at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Now choose the person you want to message.
  3. You can search for the person or select from your contacts list.
  4. Once you have selected someone, a chat window will appear.
  5. Tap on the text box to type your message and press the send button.
  6. That’s it! Your message has been sent to the selected person.

And this is how you can start a conversation on WhatsApp. Now it’s time to explore the other features of this app.

4) How to Make Voice and Video Calls?

WhatApp is a very popular messaging app and it also provides voice and video calling features. To make these calls:

  1. Open the chat window of the person to whom you want to make a call.
  2. Now tap on the phone icon or video icon situated at the top right corner of your chat window.
  3. This will start an audio or video call respectively with the other person.
  4. You can do a lot of customizations while making calls.
  5. You can mute your mic, turn off the camera or send an emoji during a call.

So this is how you can make voice and video calls on WhatsApp. You can now start connecting with your friends and family without any hassle.

5) How to Send Media on WhatsApp?

Apart from text messages, you can also send media such as photos, videos, audio clips, and documents on WhatsApp. The process involves:

  1. Open the chat window of the person you want to send media to.
  2. Now tap on the attachment icon situated at the bottom of your chat window.
  3. Choose the type of file you want to send from the available options.
  4. You can select photos, videos, audio clips, or documents.
  5. Once you have selected the desired file, press the send button to share it with the other person.

6) How to Set a Status on WhatsApp?

Now you will learn how to set a status on WhatsApp. To do this, head to the Status tab located at the bottom of your screen. Here you will find two options:

  1. Text Icon
  2. Camera Icon

You can either create a text status or upload an image or video as your status. To create a text status, click on the Text Icon and type in your desired message.

To upload an image or video, click on the Camera Icon and select either a photo or video from your gallery or take a new photo or video.

Once you have selected your desired status, you will be able to customize it further. For example, you can add filters, stickers, and more! When you are satisfied with your status, click on the green check mark in the top right corner to save it.

And there you have it – you have successfully set your first status on WhatsApp! Now, share your creative statuses with your friends and family.

Common Terms of WhatsApp and Their Meanings

WhatsApp is an incredibly robust messaging app that can be utilized in a variety of ways. Let us explore the popular features and their definitions:

  • Status: A status is a short message that you can share with your contacts. This could be a quote or an update about what you are doing.
  • Groups: Groups are used to share messages and media with a group of people at once. You can create your own group or join an existing one.
  • WhatsApp Web: This feature allows you to use WhatsApp on your computer or laptop by simply scanning a QR code.
  • Mute: With this revolutionary tool, you have the power to continually mute conversations and be freed from constant notifications.
  • Forward Message: Utilize this feature to seamlessly transfer messages, photos, and videos from one conversation to another.
  • Double Tick: This feature indicates that your message has been delivered to the recipient.
  • Blue Tick: This feature confirms that your message has been read and acknowledged by the recipient.


How to activate WhatsApp?

Activating WhatsApp is easy – just download the app and register your phone number. After that, you’ll be ready to start using the world’s most popular messaging app. You’ll be instantly connected to your contacts, so you can start sending messages and multimedia files right away.

How do you send a message on WhatsApp for the first time?

Sending a message on WhatsApp for the first time is easy! Just open up the app, tap the New Message button – it looks like a piece of paper and pencil – and start typing the name of your friend or family member. Once you find their name, just hit send! You can also type in a phone number or select someone from your contacts. It’s that simple!

How can I use WhatsApp without contacts?

If you don’t have any contacts or family members that use WhatsApp, you can still send messages to people without them having your phone number.

How do I set up WhatsApp on my new phone?

Are you the proud owner of a new phone? Then obtaining WhatsApp is simple! All it takes to get started with the world’s most famous messaging app is downloading and registering your personal phone number. You’ll be ready to go in no time at all!


So, now you know all about WhatsApp and its features. Use this knowledge to get the most out of your messaging experience. We hope this guide will be enough for you if you are using WhatsApp for the first time. You will get everything in this guide from setting up your account to sending media and statuses. If you need to know anything in particular then feel free to ask in the comments below.