TMWhatsApp APK: Download Latest & Version v8.45 [2023]

Titus Mukisa has developed a versatile mod for WhatsApp that they named TMWhatsApp APK. If you are looking for a modified version of regular WhatsApp then you are at the right place. We have added the download button below so you can download the latest 2023 version for free. This guide is helpful for you because we will also tell you how to install this app on your phone. Always keep your app updated so you can get the utmost advantage of the mod version.

What is TMWhatsApp APK?

TM WhatsApp is an altered version of WhatsApp and here TM stands for Titus Mukisa who is the developer of this app. People are now bored with the same features of WhatsApp that they have been using since 2009. While there are some developers who know what the demands of users are, they take action and develop their own app that is based on the original app. A modified app works like an original app however sometimes with little different features that are not available in the original version.

TMWhatsApp is developed by Titus Mukisa, a professional Android developer, and he has developed this app with a lot of amazing features. These features are not available in the original version of WhatsApp; you can hide the blue ticks, second tick, and privacy settings. You can also customize the theme of your WhatsApp profile.

This modified version is much better than the original version and it gives you more control over your WhatsApp profile. You can customize the options according to your need and make sure that no one can disturb you. The best thing about this app is that it is completely free and you don’t need to pay for any features.

TMWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 2023

WhatsApp NameTM WhatsApp
App byTitus Mukisa
Version8.45 (Latest Version)
Last Updated1 Day ago
Android Requirements4.0 or above
Total Downloads500K
App Size62 MB
File TypeAPK
APK Information

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Best Features of TMWhatsApp APK

No limits to creating groups

You can create an unlimited number of groups with TMWhatsApp and even assign them different names. This makes it easy to keep track of conversations, whether you’re talking to your friends or colleagues.

Add 512 contacts in one group

You can add up to 512 contacts in a single group, making it easier to keep everyone in the loop. With TMWhatsApp, you can quickly send messages, photos, and videos to as many contacts as you need.

Share large files without any size limit

You can share large files without any size limit with TMWhatsApp. This includes full-resolution photos and videos, as well as audio files, PDFs, and more. There’s no need to worry about file size when sharing with TMWhatsApp!

Password protection for your chats

Hide your conversations from prying eyes with the password protection feature. This allows you to set a unique PIN code that must be entered before anyone can access your chats.

Auto reply feature

Never miss a message with TM’s auto-reply feature. You can set up automated messages that are sent in response to certain messages or keywords. This makes it easy to stay connected even when you’re away from your phone.

Change the color and sizes of everything

TMWhatsApp allows you to customize the look of your chats with color and size options. You can even change the chat background image and font style to make conversations more personal and fun.

Delete messages even after 72 hours

With this app, you can delete messages up to 72 hours after they’ve been sent. In this original WhatsApp, you can only delete messages for all in 5 hours while in TMWhatsApp you can extend this up to 72 hours.

Show blue ticks when you respond to a message

Hide the blue ticks for when you’ve read a message. This way, your messages won’t be marked as “read” until you’ve actually seen them.

Hide your typing status

If you don’t want your contacts to know when you’re typing a message, you can hide your typing status with TMWhatsApp. This allows you to keep your conversations private and secure.

Anti-revoke messages

This app also has an anti-revoke feature that prevents the sender from deleting a message after it’s been sent. This ensures that no one can take back what they’ve said and keeps conversations secure.

Pros and Cons of TMWhatsApp APK


  • More customizations than the official WhatsApp app
  • Hide blue ticks and the second tick
  • Password protection for your chats
  • Auto-reply feature to stay connected
  • Delete sent messages even after 72 hours
  • Hide typing status
  • Anti-revoke messages


  • Not owned by the official WhatsApp

TMWhatsApp APK Vs Regular WhatsApp

TMWhatsApp APK is an enhanced version of the popular WhatsApp messenger. It has a number of features that are not available in the regular version, such as unlimited storage for images and videos, no ads or promotional content, and support for multiple accounts. Let’s dive deeper and see how these features compare.

100% Privacy

The official WhatsApp does not allow you to hide your profile photo, hide the last seen or freeze it, and so on. However, TMWA offers 100% privacy with the option to hide your profile picture, last seen, freeze your last seen, and more.

Themes & Customizations

Regular WhatsApp offers limited customization options such as changing the background of chats or setting a ‘dark mode’. With TMWA, you can get access to hundreds of themes and customizations such as changing the font size and colors, adding background images, and more.

No Ads & Promotional Content

Another advantage of TMWhatsApp is that it does not contain any ads or promotional content. This can be really useful if you want to keep your conversations free from clutter.

Multiple Accounts

One of the most unique features of TMWA is the ability to use multiple accounts. This means you can use different accounts for different purposes and switch between them quickly and easily.

Overall, TMWA offers a lot of features that are not available in the official WhatsApp. It is a great option for those who need additional privacy and customizations, as well as the ability to use multiple accounts. With these features, TMWA can offer a much more secure and customized experience than regular WhatsApp.

How to Download and Install TMWhatsApp APK?

  1. Go to your Android mobile settings and then head over to “Security” and toggle on “Unknown Sources” from there. This will allow you to install apps from third-party sources.
  2. Now you can download the APK file on your phone
  3. Once you download the complete file, tap on it to install it.


How do I update my TM?

You can update your TM manually. Just download the APK file of the latest version of TMWhatsApp from our website and install it on your device.

Is TMWhatsApp safe?

Yes, TMWhatsApp is safe to use. With each update, the security system gets stronger and better at keeping your conversations private and secure.

What is the latest version of TM WhatsApp?

We have already uploaded the latest version on our website. You can download it and start using the new features right away!


TMWhatsApp APK is a great alternative to the official WhatsApp messenger. It offers more customizations, privacy protection, and anti-revoke features that are not available in the regular app. However, you can not download it from Google Play Store because it is not owned by official WhatsApp so you need to visit this site regularly whenever you need to update your app. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed this article. Stay safe!