10 Things Most Hated by Mini Militia Players

Mini Militia is a very interesting game, but there are few things most hated by mini militia players. I know many players who love to play the doodle army 2 game. They will not like this post. But I’m sharing these facts that most players and I also have experienced in the last few years by playing this game. Without wasting time, let’s discuss the things what players do not like.

Few Things that Mini Militia Players Hate

These are the few things that doodle army 2 players hate about this game.

  • Very Addictive 
  • Graphics 
  • Falling from the Cliff
  • Loss of Skill Points
  • Ads
  • Internet Connection Lost 
  • No Time Limitations
  • Hurry to take the gun
  • Players not Ready
  • Place where players don’t like to play

Very Addictive 

Mini Militia is one of the most addictive 2D shooting games. Stunning features of the game are the reason behind this addictiveness. It is really difficult to quit when you start playing the game. The majority of the game players are teens. Their parents hate this game a lot because their children spend the whole day playing games and never focus on their studies or other physical games or activities. The addictiveness of this game is also not good for health.


Mini Militia is developed on 2D graphics. These graphics are really good, but if we compare them with other modern shooting games based on 3D graphics. Then this game is far behind other games. For this reason, most players hate this game to play. Overall, graphics are good for children and teenagers, but adults do not play the doodle army 2 game due to its low-quality graphics. The developers should update the game based on the new UI technology to maintain its popularity in the future.

Falling from the Cliff

There are many high cliffs in different mini militia maps. Sometimes, players fall from the cliff while fighting with each other. It can cause you to lose the game or health points. In this situation, all skills points will transfer to opponents without making any effort. The players the most hate this thing.

Loss of Skill Points

Another frustrating thing about mini militia is that losing skill points. If you are performing well and getting good skills point in the game. But players who are losing they start quitting the game at the end of the game. And you will loss all the skills points. This feature is the most hated by many mini militia players.


Another thing that players hate a lot is showing ads in the gameplay. It is the most irritating thing when players play and focus on the game. Suddenly the ads appear, and it distracts the focus from the game. This feature should not have been allowed while playing the game.

Internet Connection Lost 

Losing the internet connection while playing the game is the most hated thing for a player. You will automatically be out of the game when the internet connection goes. Also, you will lose game skills points, which is an irritating thing. So, you need a fast and stable internet connection for smooth gameplay.

No Time Limitations

Players face this issue while playing in offline mode. You have to complete this mission and kill the enemy without time limitations. It makes the gameplay boring. On the other hand, in online gameplay, you have to complete the mission within the given time. It makes the game interesting. You can set the time duration while starting the game up to 15 minutes.

Hurry to take the gun

This situation occurs when you have used all the bullets, and your gun magazine is empty. In this situation, you must find another weapon to save the game. It is a very frustrating situation for a game player.

Players not Ready

After clicking on the battle button, each mini militia player has only 10 seconds to get ready which is very short. Players need to customize their game and other stuff within the given time. It could be a very irritating situation.

Places where players don’t like to play

There are 20+ maps in mini militia. Most of the maps are interesting, but few maps contain very difficult places to play the game. Some players don’t like to play in these kinds of places.

Final Verdict

We have covered things most hated by Mini Militia players. Overall, the mini militia is an interesting game. But we know, each game has its pros and cons. I hope you enjoyed reading these facts about the mini militia. You can tell us your reviews about this article in the comment box.

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