Best Strategic Mini Militia Tips to become Pro Player

It is not easy to become a mini militia pro player, but it’s also not impossible. In this guide, I’ll share with you some helpful strategic mini militia tips that will help you become mini militia best player. I’m sharing these tips with my years of experience playing the game.

Becoming a pro player requires dedication, hard work, and a lot of practice and time. But if you follow the right strategy, it is not difficult at all and you can get top doodle army rank within a few months of playing. So without wasting any time, let’s understand the different useful mini militia strategic tips.

20 Mini Militia Tips to become Pro Player

  • Carefully use your grenades.
  • Throw grenades on the right spot.
  • Throw multiple grenades when the enemy is closer to you.
  • Always use double weapons.
  • Spas is the best weapon to use in short-range battles.
  • It would be best to use M4 an AK 47 in long-distance battles
  • Keep your all guns fully loaded.
  • Reload the weapons when no one is around you.
  • Don’t use the rifles in close battles because their fire rate is not high.
  • Shotgun + Sniper gun is the perfect combination to use.
  • Try your best to unlock the gas grenade ASAP.
  • Set the mines on the hidden place No one can see them..
  • Must have a stable internet connection for gameplay.
  • Choose maps wisely.
  • Keep yourself down It will save you from the enemy’s firing..
  • Always move fast in mini militia.
  • Don’t commit suicide until you are in a very high danger situation.
  • Keep zoom settings maximum for all weapons So, you can shoot the target ideally.
  • Double Uzi and MP5 provide a high fire rate. That’s why these weapons are best to use in short battle situations.
  • Rather than the Uzi, the revolver is the best option to use at the medium-range battle.

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Understanding of All Mini Militia Features

Mini Militia doodle army 2 all Features

The first and the basic mini militia tip is that players must understand all features of mini militia. Without knowing the features, you cannot win the matches with good battle points, and ultimately you cannot become a master player. Therefore, you must know a few important mini militia features before playing the game: min militia maps, weapons and guns, and its different gameplay modes. In this way, you will know which weapon you should use on the specific map. For example, in long distance battles maps, you can use sniper rifles and AK47 and in close battle maps, you can use desert eagle or any low range with high accuracy gun.


In this post, we have discussed some strategic mini militia tips and understand all mini militia features. Based on my last five years of experience playing mini militia games, I have shared these tips. If you follow these tips, I’m sure you will become a mini militia pro player in no time. If you know any other tip that worked very well for you. Please share with us in the comment section. We will love to put them in the post.


Double UZI and shotguns are the two weapons that could be very effective in close fights.

Sniper rifles and M4 are the best combos in a long-distance fight.

Yes! Mini Militia is a strategic 2D shooting game. Without a proper strategy, you cannot survive long in this game.