All Mini Militia Ranks List, Levels and Badges (Doodle Army 2)

Do you want to get the highest rank in mini militia? Then don’t worry because here, I have provided the information regarding all mini militia ranks and levels list. Also, I’ll guide you on how you can rank up fast in mini militia?

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Mini Militia is an intense multiplayer game. If you love games full of exciting features such as shooting, attacking the enemies using excellent weapons, jumping and moving fast, then this game is perfect for you. Some users called this game mini militia double army, but its official name is Mini Militia (Doodle Army) by Miniclip. So, let’s get all the information about the doodle army 2 game.

What are the Ranks in Mini Militia?

Mini Militia Ranks
Mini Militia Rank List

 The ranks in mini militia are pretty the same as ranks in the US Army. This game contains many badges according to the different ranks. Achieving higher levels is not easy at all. You need to play the game regularly and perform it very well to get the highest rank badges. Another important thing is that ranks do not depend on the levels you played. It depends on the total experience and each rank requires specific experience to achieve it.

All Mini Militia Ranks  

There are almost 21 ranks in mini militia levels. The basic rank is “Private”. You need to get at least 100 EXP for the next rank, “Private First Class”. The highest rank is commander in chief mini militia. So, you need to play the game daily with good skill point to gain more EXP and rank higher. These are the Mini Militia all ranks:

  1. Private
  2. Private First Class
  3. Corporal
  4. Sargent
  5. Staff Sergeant
  6. Sergeant First Class
  7. Master Sergeant
  8. First Sergeant
  9. Sergeant Major
  10. 2nd Lieutenant
  11. 1st Lieutenant
  12. Captain
  13. Major
  14. Lieutenant Colonel
  15. Colonel
  16. Brigadier General
  17. Major General
  18. Lieutenant General
  19. General
  20. General of The Army
  21. Commander in Chief

Mini Militia Ranks and all Badges List with Symbols

Let’s talk about the mini militia rank list and its order. It starts from 1 and ends on 21. The first level name is private, which is the basic and the starter level. It is the weakest badge in mini militia becuase every new player gets this when they start playing the game the first time. And the strongest badge is commander in chief, considered the most difficult to achieve. But if you follow the tips we’ll share, you can achieve it without any difficulties.

All Mini Militia Ranks and Badges List with Symbols
Mini Militia Rank Order

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Highest Rank in Mini Militia Doodle Army 2

The most common question asked by each doodle army 2 player is, “What is the highest rank in mini militia”? So, the correct answer is, Commander in Chief is the highest rank in mini militia levels. For achieving this highest rank, you need to gain around 5000 to 1000 EXP. It is a little bit difficult task to do. You need to play the game with consistency, wisely and utilize your weapons smartly. Also, follow these pro tips to achieve the highest rank in doodle army 2.

10 Pro Tips to Increase Ranks Fast in Mini Militia 

According to my experience, these are helpful tips to increase rank fast in mini militia. Follow these fantastic tips to get the highest ranks in no time. So, let’s read the tips:

  1. At the start of the game, don’t think about running into the battle and killing the opponent.
  2. Move towards the opposite direction of the bomb thrown.
  3. Reload the weapon when no one is around you.
  4. You should have a minimum of two guns in your hands.
  5. Throw the grenades carefully on the right target.
  6. Use snipers guns instead of small handguns. The perfect combination of two weapons is Shotgun + Sniper
  7. Keep the volume high to pay attention when your enemy comes towards you.
  8. Keep yourself down when the opponent throws bombs towards you.
  9. Try to play with the outpost map because it is the shortest map. It’ll help you to achieve levels fast.
  10. Use your primary weapons right and in the right spot to get maximum results.
  11. Use Mini Militia Pro Pack to increase your rank fast. It is the best and the most working way to upgrade your game level within very short time. 

Top 10 Best Mini Militia Players Name List

Ranking #Player UserNameSuccess Rate


Overall, the mini militia ranks is not a very difficult game to play. 12+ years old player can easily play this game. If you follow the tips discussed above, you can easily and quickly gain some good ranks and badges in a mini militia game. If you play the game consistently and perform very well, you can also become the best mini militia player and enlist yourself in the world’s top mini militia players ranks list. So, share this post with all of your mini militia lover friends who want to achieve mini militia awards. If you know something extraordinary about the mini militia game, please share your experience with us in the comment section.


Cameron is the best player in mini militia with 21 trophies and a 100% success rate. He achieved this milestone on March 12, 2016.

The rank of Commander in Chief is 21 with a total of 10000 EXP.

Mini Militia Captain rank is 12 with total 16500 EXP.