Mini Militia Power Blower Mod APK Download

Here you can download mini militia power blower mod v4 by ankit and also v5 as well for free of cost. In this version, you’ll get a deadly blower weapon that can destroy the enemy in a few seconds. All premium features are unlocked, and some extra functionality is also added. Now, you have a lot of new things to explore in the doodle army game. Just install the application and enjoy the endless gaming.

Do you want to kill the enemy in less than a minute? Then, you need to learn the best doodle army 2 weapons. If we check the list of mini militia top weapons, the blower weapon comes on the top of the list. Just use it properly on the battlefield to destroy the opponent with ease. It’ll also help you to win the match with many battle points. Don’t miss this opportunity. Download this awesome app right now and start playing it. I’m sure you’ll find the game more interesting with this mod.

Mini Militia Power Blower Mod v4 by Ankit

Mod v4 is kind of a pro pack of the game. Here you find unique features such as a magic bomb, blower weapon, one-shot kill, invisible bombs, 8x speed, and many more interesting functions. Many gamers love to play the game, but the V4 version is rare on the internet. That’s why we are Mini militia power blower mod v4 by Ankit providing this, especially for our blog visitors.

This game is quite interesting. Personally, I love to play this game. You will love the gameplay too. One of the most interesting features is the magic bomb. This feature will destroy your enemies. You can use it to create a trap or demolish all your opponents. It is a very useful feature.

Some Best Features of Mini Militia V4

V4 ankit version of mini militia allows you to play the game with some advanced and unique features you cannot find in the original app. That’s why players love to play it. So, let’s check these best features:

Mini Militia Power Blower Mod v4 by Ankit
  • One shot kill: Using this feature, you can destroy the enemy with a single shot. Now, you don’t need to fire multiple bullets anymore. Just set the target and shoot it.
  • 8x Speed: In the original version, the character’s speed is very slow. A lot of players hate this point and quit the game. To overcome this, we have added an 8x speed feature in the mini militia power blower apk download. Now, you can move 8 times faster than the previous speed.
  • Invisible Bomb: It is a cool feature that allows you to hide bombs from the enemy. You can hide your weapons as well.
  • Deathsprayer: We have added death spray to all weapons, including UZI, sniper, AK47, desert eagle, etc.
  • Anti-Bomb: It is one of the best features that save you from bombs attack. You’ll not use your health points with this function. It is the main layer of security protection.
  • Magic-Bomb: It is the fastest weapon in the mini militia power mod. Now, you can throw bombs without wasting any time opening them.
  • Super 7x Zoom: It is very helpful in long-range fights. With this feature, you can zoom 7x closer to the target. That’s why you can hit the target perfectly. 
  • No Ads
  • Anti Emp
  • Customize your character and outfit.
  • Easy controls for casual play.

V4 Game File Information

GameMini Militia Mod APK
Genre Action
Version 4.0.42
Size52 MBs
Rating 4.6
Get it OnGoogle Play
Upaded On1 Day Ago

Mini Militia Power Blower Mod v5 Download

Power blower mod v5 is the updated version of mini militia v4. Many new features are added in the new version, such as invisible saws, 2 shot kill, ultra-fast shooting, and many more. So, you’ll find much more entertainment in this version. Here are the new features added in the mini militia power blower mod v5 download.

  • Invisible Rockets: It is really an interesting and useful feature. Your rockets will be invisible, and the opponent could not see the rockets. 
  • 2 Shot Melee Kill: In v5, 1 shot and 2 shot both melee attacks are available. So, you can use both to smash the opponent on the battlefield.
  • Ultra-Fast Shooting: It is the main feature of this update. Now, you can shoot much faster than the previous shooting rate. It’ll help you to save time and quickly kill the opponent. 
  • Health Regeneration Speed Increased: Increased health regeneration speed is another cool feature. This feature allows you to regenerate your health faster. By the way, you can download the mini militia unlimited health mod apk from our website. 
  • Long Range of Flame
  • 1000x Survival
  • Map Survival Feature  
  • Fixed skills
  • More Bullet Range
  • More Weapons

How to Download and Install Mini Militia Ankit Mod?

Downloading and installation process is very easy. Anyone with basic knowledge of Android mobile phones can easily install the game. Follow these simple steps:

Download Guide
  1. Click on the “Download” button.
  2. It’ll take a few seconds to load the file. After that, a new page will open.
  3. Here you’ll find the “Download” button in blue color. It’ll automatically start downloading.
  4. Once it is downloaded, go to the folder where the app is stored.
  5. Just install it and enjoy it.



In today’s post, we have covered mini militia power blower mod v 4 and v5. Also, we have discussed some cool features of this game. If you are a mini militia lover, then you’ll love to play more this game due to these mods. You can easily download this application on any android device by following the above guide.

The mini militia deadly mod by ankit download game where you must defend yourself against terrorists. You have to shoot them down before they reach your base. For this purpose, you must have great knowledge about the game to play. It’ll help you to use all the weapons correctly.

There are two different versions of the game. One is a modded version, and the other one is original version on google play store. The mod game has many new features which are not available in the original version. It also has a lot of new weapons and maps. So, if you want to play mini militia with full of fun, then you must download the mod version of the game.

Happy Gaming 🙂