12 Best Mini Militia Guns and Weapons names 2023

This post will cover all weapons and mini militia gun that can help you become the top best player of this game. Also, this guide will let you know about the best mini militia weapons combination that will help you win the game easily.

Mini Militia (doodle army 2) game provides a variety of weapons such as shotguns, laser guns, grenades, sniper guns etc. If you use these weapons in the right way and at the right time, these guns could be the reason for your success in the game. You can become the top mini militia gunner.

All Mini Militia Guns and Weapons Names


Magnum is a default gun provided by the mini militia game. So, you don’t need to purchase the pro pack for this gun. Magnum is a double-handed weapon that can fire around 6 bullets. Its firing rate is a little bit slow but only one shot is enough to destroy the opponent in the game.

Magnum is a mini militia gun name.

Desert Eagle

Like Magnum, the desert eagle is also a default double handed gun. So, you get this gun in a free pack of mini militia weapons. It is a basic weapon to kill the opponent. It comes with 2 colors, one simple silver color and another is a gold plated gun.

Desert Eagle is doodle army 2 basic gun


A shotgun is a perfect mini militia gun in a scenario where the enemy is closer to you. You can easily destroy the opponent in such close combat situations using this gun.


M93BA (Best Mini Militia Gun)

The real name of M93BA is the Zastava M93 Black Arrow rifle. It is one of the deadliest sniper gun in mini militia. M93BA is the perfect weapon to target the enemy from a long distance. Its zoom capacity is almost 7X, which is absolutely tremendous. You have to set the target and fire only 1 shot; that is enough to kill the opposition. This gun can help a lot you to win the games quickly and you can become a best mini militia gunner

M93BA Sniper is a one of the best mini militia gun


UZI is one of the best submachine mini militia weapons. It is suitable for mid range combat. The ability of this gun is that it is an automatic weapon, that’s why it has capable of firing multiple shots at a time.

UZI contains around 40 bullets in the magazine. You can increase the number of shots using Handgun Clip Extender (HCE).



EMP is an electric gun in doodle army 2. The ability of this gun is that it fires a big EMP ball against the enemy. Once an opponent is caught in this bubble, his rocket boots stop working for around 30 seconds, that’s why he\she cannot fly in the air. Longer hold the shoot button, the more giant ball you’ll fire towards the opponent player.

EMP is the default gun in mini militia

M4 Rifle Gun

M4 is one of the best assault rifle guns generally used in long distance combats. It is capable of firing 3 shots at a time. But only 1 shot is enough to destroy the opponent.

M4 is one of the best assault rifle gun in mini militia weapon list.


Like M4, it is also an assault rifle. You can use this gun in the starting few fights. Mostly doodle army 2 players don’t use this gun due to its slow fire rate. They prefer to use double UZIs than the AK47.

AK47 is gun in mini militia game


A laser gun is also known as a Phaser, generally used in long-distance fights because of its high zoom ability. It generates a powerful laser beam. The laser gun does not provide a high damage rate, but its fire rate is impressive. So, you can kill many opponent players in a short time. It is one of the best mini militia gun.

LASER Gun is mini militia weapon


M14 is a sniper rifle in the mini militia guns list. It has a good zoom ability, that’s why recommended to use in long-range combats. Its fire rate is low but you can set the target correctly and kill the enemy within 2 shots.

M14 gun

Proxy Mine

Proxy mine is also known as a Time bomb and contact bomb. It is an exciting mini militia weapon to use. You can place this bomb anywhere. When the opponent player comes near this proxy, this bomb will blast and destroy the enemy.

Proxy Mine is kind of a time bomb in mini militia doodle army game.

Frag (Best Mini Militia Weapon)

Frag is a hand grenade bomb, the default mini militia weapon provided to every new player. It is a throw able bomb. You need to remove the pin before throwing it towards the enemy. Frag is also a deadly weapon that can kill the opposition quickly.

Frag is a hand grenade bomb that is one of the best mini militia weapons


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Best Mini Militia Weapons Combination

If you want to become a top mini militia player, you must know about the best mini militia weapons combinations. These weapons can be very effective to kill the opposition very easily. Here is the best mini militia guns combination:

  1. AK47 + Shotgun: You can kill the enemy easily using AK47 4X zoom and 1 shot of a shotgun.
  2. Shield + Uzi: Best combination for defense.
  3. Sniper + Shotgun: Perfect combination for a long and short distance.


FAQs of Mini Militia Gun and Weapons

1. How to upgrade Mini Militia Guns?

To upgrade mini militia guns, you need to kill more players to earn more coins. You can use these coins to upgrade your weapons and get new weapons.

2. How to change gun in Mini Militia?

You can change the gun in mini militia easily while playing. For this purpose, you need to tap on the gun option on the top center of the screen to switch the gun. Gun will automatically change.

3. Which is best gun in Mini Militia?

Sniper M93BA is the best gun in mini militia. It is a deadly weapon to destroy the opposition from long distance.