Best Mini Militia Chat Codes, Words, Voice and Commands 2023

Do you observe? While playing mini militia game many players use short codes to communicate. These short codes are called Mini Militia chat codes or words. It is easily understandable to a pro player but hard for a newbie. So, don’t worry anymore because we have listed all mini militia code words and commands here.

All Mini Militia Chat Codes and Words

> NS: Nice Shot – Used when you shot the bullet on the exact target.

> GG: Good Game – This chat word is used to appreciate the players when they played very well in the match.

> NN: No No – Used to deny other player point of view.

> HH: Hoo Ya! Used when you encourage other player.

> GM: Oh, they got me – This mini militia voice code is used to ask help when enemy surround you. Another meaning of GM could be to ask someone else when you are in danger.

> LG: Lets Go yeah! Mini Militia command that is used to move on message.

> CB: Come on Boy – Words of teasing to other player.

> CM: Cover Me!

> RU: Ready Up

> MO: Move Out

> BI: Bring it

> GS: Get Some

> WP: You Wanna Piece of me!

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Mini Militia Voice Codes and Commands Video

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How to write Mini Militia Code words?

Typing mini militia code words is really simple. Follow this procedure to type mini militia commands.

  1. Open mini militia game application.
  2. Start the game.
  3. In the right down corner, a keyboard option will be available.
  4. Just click on it and type the mini militia chat codes.
  5. Make sure that chat codes must be written in capital letters.
  6. All done. Your message will be sent to all other players in the game.

FAQs about Mini Militia Chat Commands

Yes, using the mini militia chat feature, you can type any message using your mobile keypad and send it to other players.

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