Mini Militia Battle Pass Features

Mini Militia Battle pass is a fun action game for action lovers. Immerse yourself in realistic gun battles, develop your team and conquer the battle. The players have to take part in a battlefield taking place in a dangerous forest full of enemies they have to fight and survive the enemies lurking in this forest Mini Militia is a 2D multiplayer shooting game where up to 6 online players can connect and play the game by using their mobile data or Wi-Fi.

The main task of players in this game is to use their weapons for their defence and defeat the opponents. When you defeat the enemy, you can collect rewards or items. The game has a built-in collection of multiple weapons, including machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, flame throwers, etc. The feature of the game is that you can play it with your friends by creating an in-game battle. You can be with your friends in the same team or fight against them as enemies.

The user interface of the Mini Militia game is extremely user friendly and simple, so the players easily understand the game and start playing right away. The design of the game is pretty simple and funny, and it gives you a vibe and a feel of a sense of humor. And to keep the game realistic, multiple sound effects change in the game just according to the character. The game is not all about battle stress, as players also find it funny and interesting while playing.

To get mini militia battle points, you have to play matches and win these goodies for yourself. A lot of new stuff in the Avatars tab, like stylish glasses, gloves, shoes, vests, and new clothes, are added. Make sure you check them all out.

Features for these Mini Militia Battle Pass

The Controls

The dual-controller is added for the player to perform movement and shooting at the same time. You will find it in the bottom left and right corners of the game screen. This feature is more exciting because it allows players to fly up and down. You need to practice for 10 minutes, and you will master this feature.

Destroy the Enemy

You can destroy your opponents either by playing as a single player or utilizing teamwork skills to coordinate well. In both cases, the target is your enemy; having the excellent skill to fight or destroy will help you have a higher win rate.

Weapon System

Mini Militia Weapon System

Different types of weapons and equipment like M4, M14, pistols, rifles, milling cutters, AK47, grenades can be unlocked later in the game or players can pick them up randomly. Make yourself stronger by upgrading yourself, or you can visit the armoury box that you will find on the game’s menu to learn more.

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Use the In-Game Store

Players can use the in-game store available on the main menu to upgrade them in-game equipment and weapons. In addition, you can upgrade your cash, coins and crates. Collect lots of money and coins to enjoy your game to its fullest.

Get Rewards

You can get the reward box and receive lots of coins and crates for absolutely free. You might need to watch some ads of about 30 seconds to claim your award but trust me, your time is worth the reward.

Battle Pass

The battle pass is the new feature of the updated Mini Militia game. With this feature, players can enjoy exclusively launched avatars, cash, coins, weapons, etc. You can get these gifts by playing and winning matches. Purchase Battle pass to claim better rewards and gifts. Battle pass feature is available when you the 4th place. Fights and scores lots of achievements to reach their pretty soon.

Changing Avatar

You can change your game avatar by accessing the main screen. You can change your avatar’s clothes add accessories like gloves, glasses, coats, and shoes; also, you can customize the hair color, colors, and facial parts.

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Changing Character Name

Mini Militia Change character name

On the main interface, players can click on the name box in the left-hand corner of the main interface to change their names and view their achievements.

Final Words

Mini Militia is one fun, interesting and full of action game. This game is recommended to everyone who is passionate about action, battles, fun and teamwork at the same time. Add your friends, compete with them and get good mini militia battle points. We hope this article will help you have a better understanding of mini militia battle pass. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section. Have fun!


You can invite your friends or create a direct battle by clicking the play custom option appearing on the main menu. You can go to create a game or join a battle option as needed. To join a battle, enter the game code sent by your friend.

Access avatar on the main screen to change your character style, clothes, facial parts, hair, glasses, shoes, etc.

On the main interface, click on the name box located at the left corner of your device screen, enter the name you want and done!