How to Customize Mini Militia Avatar Skins 2023 – Doodle Army 3

Do you observe that few players have very stylish and cool mini militia avatar skins while playing the game? Every doodle army 3 player wants an avatar that should be stylish, attractive and eye catchy. Don’t worry anymore because this guide will let you know everything you need to customize your mini militia character.

Mini Militia Doodle Army is a most playing combat multiplayer game in the gaming industry. It was released in 2011 by Miniclip but it is still playing in 2023. The few reasons behind the mini militia success are its best avatars, weapons, maps, levels and badges, etc. And also, its multiplayer functionality is the reason for its popularity. By using this feature, you can play the game with your buddies and other players from anywhere in the world. So, let’s learn how to make Mini Militia custom avatar skin.

How to Make Mini Militia Custom Avatar?

Mini Militia character Customization is not a difficult task. You can customize mini militia character by following these simple steps:

Open Mini Militia game.

Tap on the avatar.

You can also find the setting by clicking on the “Avatar” button on the left side of the home screen.

Here you will find different avatar options to customize, such as head, hair, body, accessories, and outfits.Mini Militia Skin Customization

Suppose you want to customize the avatar head. Just click on the “HEAD” button, and you will find different head customizations.

Select the mini militia skin that you want to customize. That’s it.

So, using this procedure you can make any type of mini militia skin that you want.

Mini Militia Best Avatar Customization Video

If you are still facing any issues, then watch this video for more clarifications.

YouTube video

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All Mini Militia Skins Customization Options in Doodle Army 3

Mini Militia game allows avatar modifications such as Head, hair, body, accessories, and outfits. Let’s discuss briefly.

> Head

You can modify your character head according to your requirements, such as head shapes, eyebrows, eyebrows color, eyes and mouth etc.

> Hair

You can perform hair customization such as hair top, hair bottom, sideburns, mustache, beard and hair color.

> Body

In mini militia, body modifications are body top, body bottom, body type and ethnicity.

> Accessories

There are different accessories included, such as hat, stylish glasses, gloves and different shoes options are also available. Accessories feature is very important to make a stylish avatar. So, use it smartly.

> Outfit

All 22 outfits available in mini militia doodle army 3 included rare and epic outfits. So, you have many options to choose from.

How to Make Mini Militia Pink color Avatar

Mini Militia Pink version avatar is one of the famous avatar color in mini militia. It is not a difficult task anymore. You can create pink mini militia using these simple steps that is given below:

Click on the “Avatar” button.

Select the “Hair” option.

Change the hair top color to Pink.

Change sideburns color into Pink.

Go to the beard option and select the pink beard for the avatar.Mini Militia Pink

The next step is to customize the body. For this purpose, select the “Body” option.

Here you can change the top and bottom body color into Pink.

All Done! Your Mini Militia Pink color avatar is ready. 


Mini Militia avatar is a 2D main character in the game. All players try to make the avatar more stylish and cool than the others. Mini Militia developers provided the full options and functionality to create the avatar as you want. You can make a custom mini militia avatar skins by using the simple procedure we learned above. Mini Militia pink skin color is a famous avatar in doodle army 3. You can make a pink color character easily.

So, share this post with all mini militia fans who want stylish characters. And if you face any difficulty in customizing a mini militia character, please don’t’ hesitate to ask in the comment section. We’ll solve the issue.