How to Use Dual WhatsApp Accounts on One Android Phone?

It is very beneficial if someone can use dual WhatsApp accounts on the same android device. So if you want to know how to use dual WhatsApp accounts on one Android phone then this guide is dedicated to you. Now you can really use two accounts on the same device without any issues. You will also not get banned when using two accounts. We will discuss all the steps you need to take for setting up dual WhatsApp accounts.

Methods for Using Dual WhatsApp Accounts

How to Use Dual WhatsApp Accounts on One Android Phone?

We will discuss three simple methods to help you use dual WhatsApp accounts on one Android phone.

Method 1: Use the Parallel Space App

The first method involves downloading the Parallel Space app. This is a popular app that enables you to use multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously on one device. All you need to do is download the Parallel Space app, add your second WhatsApp account and you are good to go!

Method 2: Use the Clone App Feature

Now every second android phone comes with a clone app feature. You can use this feature to create two different WhatsApp accounts. First, go to settings and navigate to the ‘app cloning’ option. Then select the apps that you want to clone. For example, WhatsApp. After selecting this option, the app will be cloned and a new instance of WhatsApp will be created with its own data storage. This new instance can be used to create a second WhatsApp account and both accounts will work independently of each other. So, if you want to use two WhatsApp accounts, this is a great way.

Method 3: Use Modified WhatsApp

Finally, you can also use a modified version of WhatsApp. You can download modified versions of WhatsApp from our website. One of the best modified WhatsApp versions is GBWhatsApp. This version not only provides you with the option to use dual WhatsApp accounts but also comes with a number of extra features like themes, customizations, etc.

Benefits of Using Dual WhatsApp Accounts

Using dual WhatsApp accounts on one Android phone has several benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • You can keep your personal and professional lives separate. Having two WhatsApp accounts allows you to stay organized and compartmentalize your contacts and conversations.
  • With increased control, you can choose who to give access to each account. One WhatsApp account may just be for family and close friends, while the other one is for business contacts or acquaintances.
  • Streamline your process and save yourself precious time by quickly transitioning between accounts without having to repeatedly log in and out.
  • Not only is it convenient, but utilizing multiple WhatsApp accounts can also help you save money as you won’t need to acquire another device or phone number.


Now you know how to use dual WhatsApp accounts on one Android phone. So give it a try and start using two accounts on the same device! Enjoy the flexibility of having multiple accounts without any hassles.