How to Purchase Items in Mini Militia Store?

Are you looking for a guide that provides you with all information about mini militia store items? No need to look anymore. Because this guide will let you know complete details about the mini militia store, items, and the step-by-step procedure to buy those items. Also, we’ll discuss mini militia rewards as well.

Crates, cash, coins, and weapons are the few popular items in mini militia. The battle points are common ways to buy things, and you can get the battle points by playing and winning multiplayer matches. One kill means one battle, and your mission should be to kill many opponent players to get good battle points. Without wasting any time, let’s look at the mini militia store.

Mini Militia Store Overview 

Mini Militia store offers many items to buy, including crates, cash, and coins. Using these items, you can upgrade your guns, grenades, and avatar accessories. Players who get to the top mini militia ranks in a short time regularly purchase items. In this way, they easily upgrade their weapons and defeat the other players. So, these items can play a vital role in your mini militia’s success. If you don’t have cash to purchase the item, you can buy it from battle Point.

Mini Militia Store Items List

Item Name    Required Battle Points
Pistol Scope       1000
Golden Desert Eagle               250
Grenade (+1)                             1000
Clip Extender                             1500
Gas Grenade                             500
Mask Pack                   500
Faster Reload                            1000
Range Finder                             1000
Melee +10                  800
Boost Expander        2000
Accuracy Extender  1000
Health Regan +1       1000

Main problem many players face they could not find the exact item while buying. Also they don’t know How many battle points are required to get the specific store item. For this purpose, the above list will help get the correct store item quickly.

Pro Tip: You should first buy the items relevant to your weapon and battle. Suppose you are using a desert eagle gun in mini militia game, then your priority should be to purchase a golden desert eagle gun that will cost you only 250 points. And if you are using a sniper rifle, you can increase the number of bullets by purchasing the clip extender.

Mini Militia Crates 

A crate is one of the most valuable items in the mini militia, and each crate contains multiple cards and coins. You can unlock new rare and epic guns, including TEC-9, Pump-Action Gun, XM8, M93BA, AK-47, AR-15, PHASR, EMP gun, Minigun, Saw gun, and Rocket Launcher. Also, the crate helps you to upgrade your existing weapons as well. Let’s take a look at 3 types of crates in mini militia.

Strike Crate 

Strike Crate

Strike crate is a small crate in mini militia. It will cost you around 40 cash points, and you will get 500 coins by unlocking the crate. Strike crate contains nine cards; and 2 of them are rare cards, and these rare cards will unlock any rare weapon AK 47 gun.

Campaign Crate

Campaign Crate

 It is considered the medium crate in the doodle army game. You will get the campaign crate in 130 cash points, and it offers you 3500 coins that will help you upgrade your weapons. The campaign crate provides up to 22 cards. Out of these 22 cards, three are epic, and 7 are rare cards. M9BBA saw gun and the pump shotgun are the epic guns in mini militia. So, you can unlock it with the help of a campaign crate.

Black Ops Crate

Black ops Crate

Black ops are the top-notch mini militia crate. You need a minimum of 300 cash points to unlock the box, and you will receive 10,000 coins after getting the black ops crate. It will provide 55 cards, of which 11 are epic, and 16 are rare cards. After getting this crate, you can compete with the top players and win the battles comfortably.

Mini Militia Cash and Coins List

Item NameCash PointsCoins Points
Stack of Cash                     80                          5000
Pile of Cash        24015,000
Wallet of Cash  56035,000
Stash of Cash128080,000
Heap of Cash3600225,000
Vault of Cash8000500,000

Most popular items in mini militia stores are wallet of coins, mini militia crates, the vault of cash, rare guns, and epic weapons. These are the few most purchasing items on the list.

How to buy mini militia items from Google Play Store?

The most common question players ask is, can we buy mini militia items directly from google store. The answer is Yes! You can purchase an item from Google Play Store, and you just need the real mini militia account and a payment method. Follow these simple steps to buy things.

  • Start the mini militia app.
  • Tap on the “Store” button on the home screen.
  • Select the item that you want to purchase.
  • Click on the “Buy” button. It will take a few seconds to process.
  • Tap on the “Continue” option.
  • Add the billing address information and Payment Methods such as credit or debit card.
  • After that, click on the “Buy Now” button. All Done.

Mini Militia Rewards

The mini Militia rewards feature is perfect for those who cannot afford the items. Everyone knows that any item you want to purchase requires a specific amount of cash or coins. This feature offers you free coins and crates. The best thing about that this is available for all players, and it doesn’t matter which level player you are. You can get rewards regularly without any hassle. You can get free 50 coins after every four hours. Also, you can unlock one crate within a day through this rewards feature without any cost. So, this is the best no-cost solution to buy the items. With a bit of effort, you can upgrade your weapons and unlock rare guns and other avatar accessories in mini militia.

Most players don’t know about this fantastic feature or don’t have any ideas to use it. Follow these simple steps to get rewards in mini militia.

  • Launch the mini militia game.
  • Click on the “Rewards” box available on the right side of the main screen.
  • Here you have to choose one reward at a time, either coin or crate.
  • Just click on it. You will receive the reward within a second.

Note: If the free rewards option is disabled, you have already used them, and it will be automatically available after a few hours.


In the post, we have covered all information related to the mini militia store, including the store items list, crates, cash, coins, and rewards. Also, we have shared the method to buy game items from Google Play Store. Lastly, we have covered the mini militia rewards topic special for those players who don’t have the money to purchase these items.

So, we hope this information will help you a lot and clear your all queries regarding the mini militia store. If you have any other confusion, don’t hesitate to share.


Yes! Mini militia gives you free rewards such as free coins and crates. This feature is available for all players, including beginners as well.

Yes, you can buy any item from the store using your battle points.

You can use your debit or credit card to purchase the items.