How to Play Mini Militia in 2023? (Complete Guide)

The most common question of a newbie is how to play mini militia. Mini Militia is not a very difficult game to play, but newbies need to learn a few important steps that we will discuss below. I have shared different Mini Militia strategic tips that will help a lot you to become master player. I’m sharing this information based on my years of experience in playing games that will help you play the game like a pro.

The mini militia is not only a typical shooting game. It is more based on strategy with shooting experience. It is a fast-moving game, and the players must take rapid action to win the game with good battle points. Opponent players are running and flying that’s why you need to play the game with complete focus. The mini militia is a DO or Die game. You have to kill the enemy, or they will kill you.

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How to Play Mini Militia on Mobile?

Follow this procedure to install and run mini militia doodle army 2 game on your mobile phone.

  1. Download Mini Militia APK from Google Play store.
  2. Install the application. This process usually takes a few seconds.
  3. Once the installation has been done. Tap on the game icon.
  4. After loading, the main interface of the game will open. You can control all activities from here.
  5. Now, click on the “BATTLE” button.Mini Militia Battle button is used to create the game.
  6. Select the map and again click on the “BATTLE” button.
  7. Once all players join the game, the match will start within 10 seconds.Mini Militia Match
  8. All Done!

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Now, you entered into the gameplay. So, Let’s see how a newbie can train himself and fight with other top players of the game.

Mini Militia is also famous for its different gameplay modes, including team deathmatch, training and practice mode. Each mode is suitable for different levels of players. For a beginner training mode is suitable. Survival mode is best for a medium-level player, and pro-level players mainly select team deathmatch mode to play the game. Mini militia modes and maps are both under the battle section.

Mini Militia Training Mode for Beginners

For a beginner, it is recommended to train yourself in training mode before going to play mini militia in survival or team death match mode. Training mode is specially developed for newbies. So, they can enhance their skills and perform very well in the game. In training mode, your trainer named “Sarge” will guide you in the whole process. Let’s see how you can access the training mode.

  1. Open the mini militia.
  2. Click on the “Battle” option to start the game.
  3. Select the “Practice” tab from the top bar.

Mini Militia Practice Mode

  1. Here you will find “Training” and “Survival” Mode.
  2. Select the “Training” mode.

Mini Militia Training Mode

  1. Click on the “Battle” option once again to start the match.

 Different Doodle Army Training Mode  Practices

The trainer will guide you in almost all kinds of practices necessary to play in the game. You need to follow the guidelines of your trainer. A few basic practices are:

  1. Aiming control practice.
  2. Weapon training includes picking the weapon with the action button and switching the weapon.
  3. Zoom control practice.
  4. Training for setting up the target and shooting them.
  5. Practice throwing grenades on the right target.
  6. Flying battle practice.

Tips for Beginners to Play Mini Militia Like a Pro

  1. Use the right Mini Militia weapons combination.
  2. Use the weapon according to the situation, like long-range and tiny range targets.
  3. Select the best map to play.
  4. Always move fast in the game.
  5. Throw the grenades on the right target.
  6. Reload the weapon when no one is around you.
  7. Keep your weapon fully loaded.


Let’s conclude the post. This guide mainly focuses on how to play mini militia for newbies. However, we have discussed all the necessary information to help you become a professional mini militia player quickly. First, we have discussed how you can start and create the game. Then, we discussed different mini militia modes. For a newbie, it is better to start with training mode before going to the survival or deathmatch mode. Finally, we shared a few simple and helpful strategic mini militia tips. By following these tips, you can easily win matches against strong enemies with good battle points.

If you know any helpful tip that is not mentioned in the list. Please share with us in the comment section. We would love to add in the post.

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