FMWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

FMWhatsApp APK has just launched the new and latest version that has more interesting privacy features such as the ability to hide chats, select specific contacts who can call you, and much more. FM WhatsApp 2023 is available for free download on this website. Since the launch of official WhatsApp, people are now connected with their family and friends much more easily.

With this official version, you will now be able to enjoy a secure messaging experience with all the privacy features you need. With FMWhatsApp MOD, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure while chatting with friends and family. So download FMWhatsApp APK latest version now and enjoy a secure messaging experience on your Android devices.

FMWhatsApp Download Latest Update

FM WhatsApp APK
FM WhatsApp APK
WhatsApp NameFMWhatsapp APK
App byFoudMakkad
Version19.45.6 (Latest & Official Version)
Last Updated1 Day ago
Android RequirementsAndroid 4.1 or above
Total Downloads110K
App Size51 MB
File TypeAPK
APK latest version of FM Information

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose FMWhatsApp APK

Official WhatsApp has limited features. However, FMWhatsApp APK, one of the most popular applications among users of WhatsApp MODs, is used by millions of people globally. Here are some convincing reasons why you should do FM WhatsApp download:

1- Privacy at its Best

Official WhatsApp has a lot to do in order to provide more convenient and private options. However, with FM WhatsApp modified and the latest version, you will get privacy options that you can only imagine. FM WhatsApp MOD comes with more features that allow you to hide last seen, read receipts, blue ticks, disable forwarded tag, and even more.

2- No Restriction at All

Chat and voice messages are without any restrictions in this modified version of FM WhatsApp 2023. You can send large numbers of media files and various documents, never worry about the limitation. These features are missing in the original WhatsApp app.

3- Accessibility to a Variety of Options

FMWhatsApp provides its users with a variety of options such as an auto-reply feature and a dual account feature. These latest version features significantly add up to convenience and make the user experience much better and smoother.

4- Customization Is at Its Best

FM WhatsApp comes with numerous and diverse themes to choose from. Moreover, FM WhatsApp latest version allows you to customize the color of your home screen. You can also customize the font, notification widget, and other features of FM WhatsApp 2023.

5- Security Is Tightened

FM WhatsApp MOD gives you access to high-level security such as two-step verification, password-protected chats, and private conversations. These features make sure your data is always safe and secure.

What is FMWhatsApp?

Foud Apps has introduced FM WhatsApp MOD latest version with improved and newly added features. It is one of the best WhatsApp MODs. The developer of FM WhatsApp is Foud Makkad. It uses the same protocol and license as the official WhatsApp but offers customization and additional features that are not available in the original WhatsApp.

FM WhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp MOD APKs that allows users to customize their WhatsApp experience by changing themes, font styles, hiding chats, and much more. It is a modified version of the official WhatsApp with modified app features to provide users with a better chat experience.

FMWhatsApp allows users to download the latest version directly from our website. The application is available in two versions; a stable version and a beta version. The stable version is the more reliable official version as it is not updated frequently, while the Beta version allows users to get the latest features and updates available.

Both versions are regularly updated with bug fixes and performance improvements. So Download FM WhatsApp right now. Click on the download link above.

How Foud Makkad Modified FM WhatsApp?

Foud Makkad is a famous Android app developer and modder who developed the FM WhatsApp APK and he also developed many other WhatsApp MODs with more features. Foud Makkad modified the official WhatsApp app to include awesome features, such as the ability to hide the blue ticks, disable forwarded tags, and status, anti-delete messages in groups, and much more.

He also enabled users to use two WhatsApp Mods accounts on the same Android device without having to root it or jailbreak it. Whenever Mod developers modify an Android app, he uses the following method:

  • He decompiles the source code and makes the necessary changes
  • Then, he recompiles the code and creates a new APK file
  • Finally, he distributes this new APK file through the internet

In this way, users can enjoy the enhanced features of FM WhatsApp latest version without having to go through the tedious process of rooting or jailbreaking their Android device.

Best Features of FMWhatsApp

Here are the details of all the features that FM WhatsApp official version is offering for Android phone.

Hide Blue Ticks

Hide blue ticks is an amazing feature of the FM WhatsApp app and it is not available in the official version. This will allow users to hide blue ticks after reply (read receipts). The hide blue tick feature is an add-up for privacy-conscious users.

Hide Online Status

Hide online status with this amazing modified instant messaging official app. You can hide your online status easily. No one will know your online status even when you are using this app. All these features are fantastic.

Send Large Files

FMWhatsApp APK allows you to send larger files such as high-resolution photos, videos, and more. It supports file sizes up to 50MB, which is much larger than WhatsApp’s 25MB limit. You can send large videos or short clips to your friends and family with this modded version.


No more ban fear when you install a modified version of FM WhatsApp. With the new Anti Ban feature, you can now rest assured that FMWhatsApp APK will not be blocked or banned by official WhatsApp. The anti ban feature is also good for new users.

Themes and Emojis

Download FMWhatsApp APK to get a wide selection of themes, emojis, and stickers. You can choose from a variety of themes and customize the look of your messaging app. The emojis are also very fun to use and you can express yourself through them.

Hide Recording and Typing Status

Another great feature of FM WhatsApp MOD is the ability to hide recording and typing status. This will help you keep your messages private as the other user will not be able to see if you are typing or recording a message. Download FM WhatsApp to get these features.

Anti-Delete Message

If a user sends a message and then deletes it, you can still read the message with the Anti-Delete Message feature in FM WhatsApp. This will allow you to see messages even if they are deleted.

Bulk Group Messaging

Now you don’t need to send messages one by one to your contacts with FM WhatsApp. With the bulk WhatsApp chat feature of FM WhatsApp, you can send messages to multiple contacts at once. This is a great time saver and will also help you reach more people in less time.

Anti-View Status Checker

With FM WhatsApp status view, you can check the status of your contacts without letting them know that you have seen them. This hide view status is a great feature to have if you want to keep an eye on your contacts without them knowing.

Anti-Delete Messages

No more deleted messages for you. Now you can view all the deleted messages even when the sender has removed them. The anti-deleted messages are one of the exciting features that you should not miss.

Freeze Last Seen

Last seen is a feature in the official WhatsApp app that allows users to see when their contact was last online. With the updated version of FM, you can now freeze last seen and the other user will not be able to see when you were last online. This is a great way to maintain your privacy and keep track of who is looking at your profile. In this way, you can keep your online status private.

Theme Store

FMWhatsApp APK also comes with a custom themes store where you can find amazing themes to customize your messaging experience. You can choose from a variety of custom themes and make your messaging app look amazing. You can also find some great wallpapers to use as a background for your messages.

Customize Icons and Fonts

You can also customize the icons and font style of FMWhatsApp. With this feature, you can make your messaging experience more personalized and have a unique look and feel. You can choose from different font styles, icon packs, and more.

Password Protected Chats and Contact Names

FMWhatsApp also allows you to password-protect your chats and contact names. It will help you to keep your messages secure and make sure that only those you want are able to see them. You can also hide your contact names so that others cannot find out who you are talking to.

Call or Messages Blocker

Believe it or not, annoying anonymous callers are no longer a problem when you have FM WhatsApp. You can easily block numbers from calling or messaging you with the help of the app.

This means that you won’t have to put up with any more phone calls or messages from unwanted callers. Additionally, you can also blacklist certain contacts and restrict their access to your official WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Wallpapers

This is another great feature for customization lovers. FMWhatsApp APK Download allows you to customize your WhatsApp conversations by selecting from a variety of wallpapers, including live wallpaper. You can find the wallpaper option in the conversation settings. With FM WhatsApp Download, you can give a personal touch to your conversations.

Share Videos and Pictures in HD

Official WhatsApp app makes pictures and videos low in quality when you send them. This is because the server of the original app of WhatsApp compares the video and picture sizes. However, FMWhatsApp allows users to send HD videos and pictures of full quality without any compression from the server.

View Deleted Status (Anti Delete Status)

The best thing about FMWhatsApp is that you can view deleted statuses from contacts. This feature is called the anti delete status feature. All you need to do is go to the status tab and you will see all the statuses even when they are deleted.

The deleted status will have a mark of “🚫” that will indicate that it was removed. This anti delete status feature is really useful if you want to keep track of what your contacts are posting and make sure that they don’t delete anything that you find important.

No Forward Tag

Whenever you forward a message in the official WhatsApp app, it shows the message was forwarded by you. But when you do a new version APK download, you can disable forward tag and send messages as if you wrote them yourself. This feature is especially useful for businesses, where the sender wants to maintain a professional image.

Send a Message to any Number

It is such an annoying thing when you have to save a number in your contact list just for sending one message. download FM WhatsApp latest app so you don’t have to do that anymore! All you need is the number of the person and you can easily compose and send a message.

Auto Reply

Download FM WhatsApp latest app so you can set up auto-reply messages and ensure that no one is left hanging. This feature of FM WhatsApp allows you to customize your responses based on any criteria you choose so that your contacts are promptly taken care of and no one is left waiting.

More Premium Features

  • Only allow specific contacts to call you
  • New and improved security features
  • DND mode
  • You can see the total messages count
  • Give an emoji reason in the chat bubble
  • The status view toast is now enabled
  • Pin 100 chats easily
  • Voice notes play bar added
  • Send messages to 500 at once
  • Change the colors of groups
  • Now you can hide double ticks as well
  • Send 1GB of files

So download the new version of FM WhatsApp from Fouad Mokdad. This modded app has the best features that you can utilize. Features of FMWhatsApp include, hide view status, you can disbale forwarded tag, removing the last seen date, freeze last seen, and view status of others without letting them know. You can also use your official WhatsApp account without the fear of blocking.

How to Download FMWhatsApp APK?

So now you want to download FM WhatsApp APK? Well, we have a step-by-step guide for you.

  1. First of all, you need to download the APK file that is added to our website
  2. Just tap on the download button that is located above
  3. It will redirect you to our download page
  4. Now tap on the download APK and allow your browser to download it
  5. Some browsers will ask you to do not to download or give you a warning, but no worry that is all fine
  6. Allow the download APK file and wait for the completion of the download

How to Install FMWhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is not on the Google play store like the original WhatsApp. So you need to download the updated version of FM from a third party app site. Download FMWhatsApp from here:

  1. Open the FMWhatsApp APK file from the download folder
  2. It will ask you to allow the “install apps from unknown sources”
  3. Open Android settings, then Security settings and turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option
  4. Now go back and open the modded file of WhatsApp messenger
  5. It will ask you to install FM WhatsApp download, just tap on the ‘Install’ button

Note: This APK is suitable for all android devices that have Android 4.0 or above version. You need to accept the terms for installing WhatsApp mod apps. Also, check your Android smartphone device storage.


What is FM WhatsApp APK?

FMWhatsApp APK is the latest version of the modified version file of the official WhatsApp app with new and awesome features. You can download FMWhatsApp from our webpage.

Who is the developer of FMWhatsApp APK?

FMWhatsApp APK is developed by Fouad Mokdad. It is also better than the original app.

How can I update FMWhatsApp in 2023?

For you to do FM WhatsApp version apk download will add a download link on our website and you can visit this site and download the updated version. Also, you can not update FM WhatsApp from the Google play store like the original app.

How can I open FM WhatsApp?

You can open FM WhatsApp just like you open the original WhatsApp. You just have to download FMWhatApp and enter your valid phone number and follow the on-screen instructions.

Does WhatsApp ban FM WhatsApp?

No, this is an anti-ban version so you can use it without worrying about getting banned.

Can I create a backup of FMWhatsApp?

Yes, you can create a backup of FMWhatsApp and restore it whenever you want. You just have to go to the settings and click on ‘Backup & Restore’.

Is FMWhatsApp free?

Yes, FMWhatsApp is absolutely free. Moreover, you can download FMWhatApp with an updated version from our website.


FM WhatsApp is a super powerful app that offers you amazing features such as auto-responder, customizing your responses, improved security, and much more. It is the best modded version for all WhatsApp users.

With this guide, we have tried our best to provide you with detailed information on how to download and install a new version of FMWhatsApp APK.