Download OnLog APK – WhatsApp Online Tracker

OnLog for Whatsapp is an advanced tool that enables users to monitor the online and last-seen activity of their contacts. Do you want to know when someone will use WhatsApp and when they will go offline? This app provides you with a complete report of any user.

OnLog grants users a complete understanding of their contacts’ online and offline activities, enabling them to recognize if there is something that someone close to them might be concealing. One of the best things is, if someone blocks you on WhatsApp, you can still spy on their activities on WhatsApp.

Download OnLog APK Latest version

OnLog For Whatsapp

Get ready to track any WhatsApp number for free. This app will allow you to keep a track of all your contacts’ activities around the clock. With OnLog, you can finally put an end to all your worries and get the secrets of your online life.

Download the latest version of OnLog and get the notification when your targeted number comes online and use WhatsApp.

Features of OnLog For Whatsapp

  • View Online Status of WhatsApp Users: You need to enter the phone number of any WhatsApp user and you can easily view the online status.
  • Track Last Seen Activity: With OnLog for Whatsapp, you can track when a user was last seen and how many times they were active on the app.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Get real-time notifications as soon as someone logs in to WhatsApp or when their status changes.


Get ready for spying and tracking WhatsApp users with the OnLog app. Monitor any WhatsApp number for free. Sign up now and get ready to track the activities of your contacts. This is a modified version that you can download from our website. Also, it is user-friendly and can be used on all types of Android devices.