Desert Eagle Features in Mini Militia Game

Desert Eagle is one of the default weapon in the mini militia armory collection. It is useful in all gameplay scenarios due to its tremendous firing rate, accuracy, power and large clip size. You can make this gun more powerful by upgrading it. So, let’s check the fantastic desert eagle features in mini militia.

Top Desert Eagle Features

Desert Eagle Gun Image
Desert Eagle

High Power 

Desert eagle gun comes with an excellent power rate. According to the latest mini militia apk, its power rate is 7 points, enough to kill the opponent within 1-2 shots. You can increase its power rate by winning matches with good battle points and improving your game level. Desert eagle power rate is almost equal to the other mini militia guns such as UZI, MP5 and XM8 rifles.

Fire Rate

Desert eagle provides an outstanding fire rate. Its fire rate score is 13 out of 20. Desert Eagle is considered one top gun based on its high fire rate score. Its fire rate is more than many guns like magnum, hunting pistol, AR-15, AA-12, Pump-action shotgun, M14, M93BA, EMP, and SAW guns.


The desert eagle is famous for its high accuracy features, with a 16 score. This gun is best to shoot the opponent accurately in all kinds of mini militia battlefields. Whatever map you select to play with, the desert eagle will not disappoint you. This gun is more accurate than the TEC-9, UZI, mp5 and action shotgun.

Clip Size 

The clip size of the desert eagle gun is very decent. It allows you to shoot almost 15 bullets without reloading. If you use it right, these fifteen bullets are enough to kill the enemy. After upgrading the gun, you can increase the clip size.

Max Zoom

This feature allows you to have 2X zoom ability to shoot the enemy. The default version of the desert eagle is best for short-range battles due to its medium ability. Other guns, including pump-action and flamethrower, also have 2x zoom capability. If you target from the correct spot, you can use a desert eagle to shoot from a long distance.

Easy to Handle

The desert eagle is a minigun that’s why it is pretty easy to handle. This feature makes it very useful in close battles where quick actions are needed. In these types of matches, big size guns could be problematic.

Few Important Things to Remember 

These are the few essential things that we will share with you. These suggestions will help you win the mini militia battles with excellent points.

  • Shot the target from a high spot.
  • Fly as low as possible. You’ll be safe on the ground.
  • Use the right gun according to the map and battlefield.
  • Use handguns in close battles.
  • Use sniper guns in long distance battles.
  • Play game with full concentration.

Desert Eagle Dual Wield

Dual wield is the technique to use two weapons at a time. The desert eagle dual wield feature unlock on level 3. Once you reach level 3, you can open it. Using this feature, you can shoot many opponents players within a short time. This technique helps in the situation where the enemy surrounds you. Desert Eagle is the only gun in the mini militia that’s a dual wield feature available on level three. So, you can easily unlock it by winning a few matches.

Final Words 

We have covered all desert eagle features, including its power, fire rate, clip size, accuracy, etc. Overall, the desert eagle is a handy gun in all gameplay situations. In addition, if you follow the guidelines that we have shared above, you will not face any difficulty to beat your opponent. Lastly, we have discussed the dual wield feature. Your aim should be to unlock the dual wield as soon as possible because it will help you compete with other top-level players.

So, if you want to know the feature of any other mini militia game guns, let us know in the comment section. We will definitely write a post on them.


Yes, the desert eagle is the default weapon in the doodle army game. You don’t need to unlock it.

You need to reach level 3 to unlock the dual wield option.

It is best for short-range battles. But the upgraded version of the gun can also be used in long-distance flights.

Desert eagle can lead you to victory if you use it correctly and follow our suggestion that we discussed.