Best GB WhatsApp Backup Apps

What happened to me last year is something I’ll never forget. I was on the verge of losing all my important messages and media stored in GB WhatsApp after a factory reset. It would have been a complete disaster if I hadn’t stumbled across the best GB WhatsApp backup apps which saved my day. These top-notch apps make it easy to backup and restore GB WhatsApp information, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your precious data again. So, without further ado, here are the best GB WhatsApp backup apps that you should use – your data will thank you for it!

Best GB WhatsApp Backup Apps

1.  iTransor

This is the first app that I always install on my Samsung Galaxy S20 to tackle GB WhatsApp backup needs. It’s super reliable and easy to use, plus it has a lot of other useful options like exporting data from one Android phone to an iPhone. This app has saved me from disaster so many times – you should definitely check it out.

2. ChatMover

Another great app to take a backup of GB WhatsApp and transfer data from Android to iPhone. From those happy days spent exchanging messages with your friends to that business chat you need for future reference, ChatMover helps you migrate all types of conversations. To use it, you just need to download the app from Google Play and then connect your old Android device and new iPhone with a USB cable.

With just a click, you can transfer all of your chat histories to the new device. And don’t worry if the conversation is too long, ChatMover even transfers group chats with up to 100 people in them! Now you can keep all of your conversations safe, no matter what device you’re using. Let the chat migration begin.

3. Mobitrix Backuptrans

This is another must-have app for those who need to backup GB WhatsApp data. It’s perfect if you’re switching devices as it allows you to transfer data between iOS and Android, as well as different versions of the same operating system. You can even backup and restore WhatsApp messages in 3 easy steps. It’s simple, secure, and extremely reliable – definitely worth considering if you want to keep your GB WhatsApp data safe.

4. Backup for Whats

Do you want to save your back to your Google Drive? If so, Backup for Whats is the app you need! This amazing tool allows users to easily backup and restore GB WhatsApp data, as well as backup to Google Drive. Plus, it’s free of charge so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs. Overall, it’s a great way to keep your data safe, secure, and easily accessible.

5. MobileTrans

Do you know about Wondershare? Well, this backup app is developed by them and it’s a great way to backup GB WhatsApp data to your computer. Plus, the app is extremely fast and reliable, so you don’t have to spend too much time waiting around. It’s also incredibly easy to use and can be used to transfer data between iOS, Android, and Symbian devices. It’s a great choice for GB WhatsApp backup needs.


So there you have it – the best GB WhatsApp backup apps that you should use to keep your data safe and sound. And don’t forget that backing up regularly is the key to keeping your important conversations and files safe and secure! Don’t wait until tomorrow to experience the power of these incredible apps! Start your journey today.