Baby WhatsApp APK Download Latest & Updated Version 2023

Communication methods are developing very rapidly. Today we have so many apps for communication like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course the best WhatsApp. But one thing that keeps this app away from users is its limited privacy and customization features. But now the problem has been solved with the arrival of the Baby WhatsApp APK. This is a version of the original WhatsApp but it contains all the customization and privacy features that are missing in the original version.

The Baby WhatsApp is specifically designed to provide users with an enhanced experience and a greater sense of security. It has features like the ability to choose your own contact list, the option to control who can see your profile picture, and a lot more. So now, you can communicate without worrying about your privacy and customize the look of your chat window in a way that you like.

Baby WhatsApp APK

Unlock the benefits of privacy features with the Baby WhatsApp APK app. The developer has created a fun, funky, and intuitive way to keep your conversations safe from everyone. With Baby WhatsApp APK, you can chat, share files, and much more without worrying about prying eyes. The app has everything you need to keep your chats private and secure. With this easy-to-use app, you can be sure that your conversations remain between you and the person you’re chatting with.

This is a modified WhatsApp like WhatsApp Gold, Fouad WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp Pro, FMWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus. This app is full of newly added features.

With functions like spoofing the last online call date, hiding your active on the app status, and stopping other contacts to delete the messages and statuses so you can view them, you can keep your conversations under wraps. In addition, you can even customize the background images and make your own unique profile for each contact. This way, you can make sure that each conversation is kept private and secure.

Download Baby WhatsApp Latest Version 2023

Baby WhatsApp
WhatsApp NameBaby WhatsApp
App byAPK Artist
Version1.0 (Latest Version)
Last Updated1 Day ago
Android RequirementsAndroid 5.0 or above
Total Downloads110K
App Size28 MB
File TypeAPK
APK Information

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Best Features of Baby WhatsApp APK

Don’t Show When You Type or Record a Message

Regular WhatsApp shows when you’re typing or recording a message, which can give away too much information to your contacts. But with Baby WhatsApp APK, this won’t be the case! Keep your secrets to yourself and surprise your friends with unexpected messages – all without revealing anything about what you’re up to.

Get Amazing Themes from Store and Flaunt It

Don’t get stuck in the same old drab look of your Baby WhatsApp app. Get amazing themes from the store and switch them up whenever you want. With themes like “Future Pink”, “Emojified Blues” and even more fun options, you can flaunt your new, hip look to all your friends. Let them know you’re on the cutting edge of the latest trends! Get creative and show off your style. Baby WhatsApp never gets boring with such a wide range of themes available at your fingertips.

Spoof The Date of the Last Visit to WhatsApp

Regular WhatsApp stores a date when you last used the app. Then it shows it as the last seen date. So, why not do it differently? With Baby WA, you can spoof the last seen date of your profile. Shocking, isn’t it? Yes, now you can be a ghost to your friends and family without even physically disappearing.

Replicate the feeling of being untraceable, because you can change the last seen date whenever you want. Baby WA believes in giving its users unprecedented freedom and power to express themselves.

Hide Viewing of any Status

Now you can view any status that you want even without letting them know that you have seen it! Baby WA helps you to do that. Now, no one will be able to know if you’ve viewed their stories or not, because Baby WA has got you covered.

No Blue Ticks

Read messages and forget about blue ticks on the other side of the sender. They will never know you have read the message, even after hours, so you can be sure that your privacy will not be compromised.

Senders Can Not Delete Messages

Once senders send you messages, they can not undo them in any way. Even when they deleted the message, you can still view them.

Forward Messages Has No Forward Tags

Feel free to send forwarded messages to anyone. There is no more forwarded tag with your forwarded messages.

Other Features

  • Hide blue tick marks
  • Hide single/double and gray tick mark
  • Hide your status
  • No recording indication for receivers
  • No typing indication for the message receiver
  • Forward messages are hidden
  • Hide your last seen time and date
  • Freeze the last activation time

Pros and Cons of Baby WhatsApp APK


  • Don’t Show When You Type or Record a Message
  • Get Amazing Themes from Store and Flaunt It
  • Spoof The Date of the Last Visit to WhatsApp
  • Hide Viewing of any Status
  • No Blue Ticks
  • Senders Can Not Delete Messages
  • Forward Messages Has No Forward Tags


  • Not available for iPhone
  • This is not the official version

How to Download and Install Baby WhatsApp APK?

To download and install Baby WhatsApp APK:

  1. Open your device’s web browser and search for “Baby WhatsApp” in Google or visit our website
  2. Click on the “Download” button to begin downloading and installing Baby WhatsApp on your device.
  3. You may be asked to approve certain permissions such as accessing contacts, media files, location data, etc., in order to allow Baby WhatsApp to work properly on your device. Tap “Accept” on all the permission requests that appear during the installation process.
  4. Once the download is complete, open up your App Drawer (or Home Screen) to locate the newly installed Baby WhatsApp app icon and tap it to open it up for first use.


What is Baby WhatsApp?

Baby WhatsApp APK is a heavily modded version of WhatsApp. It has been enhanced with incredible features that make it one of the best messaging apps available!

How to use Baby WhatsApp?

The usage of this app is just like the traditional WhatsApp app. However, there are some extra features that you can also use with just one tap.


Baby WhatsApp APK will surely make your WhatsApp messaging 100% private and secure. You can set all the options according to your need. This app will also give you a lot of interesting features that will make your messaging experience quite enjoyable.