ABWhatsApp APK Download Latest & Updated Version 2023

ABWhatsApp APK offers great features for WhatsApp users. It has features like a built-in app lock for maximum security, an anti-ban system that prevents you from getting banned when using the mod version, an Anti-delete message feature that allows you to view deleted messages, convert voice into text, hide last seen, view deleted status and much more. This is another modified version of WhatsApp that has very useful features that you can use for free.

What is ABWhatsApp APK?

ABWhatsApp APK is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers additional features to keep you connected with your friends, family, and work contacts. If you’re looking for an app that’s more secure than WhatsApp and also allows you to hide your last seen status, profile photo, and other personal details from being viewed by others, look no further.

ABWA has a wide variety of features that you can customize to fit your conversation style, from the way it looks and feels to exclusive themes and backgrounds. You can even personalize your own message tones and notification sounds!

Download ABWhatsApp APK Latest Version 2023

WhatsApp NameABWhatsApp
App byAPK Artist
Version22.00 (Latest Version)
Last Updated1 Day ago
Android Requirements5.0 or above
Total Downloads343K
App Size71 MB
File TypeAPK
APK Information

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ABWhatsApp Burgandy APK

Best Features of ABWhatsApp APK

Voice-to-Text Converter

ABWhatsApp APK is the only version of WhatsApp that allows you to instantly convert your voice recordings into text messages! Now, there’s no need to type out long messages – just record your voice and send it off!


For those times when you want to remain anonymous, ABWA lets you change your display name to something completely different. You are free to express yourself without worrying about being found out.

Faster Sharing

Forget about the lag when sharing large files such as photos, videos, and audio clips! ABWA makes sharing quick and easy, so you can get the message out there in no time at all.


Express your own personality with ABWA’s built-in customization options. Change the background image, font style, color scheme, and more to make your chats stand out!

Group Chatting

Chatting with multiple people at once has never been easier. With ABWA, you can add up to 250 people to your group chats and keep the conversation going.

Anti-Ban Protection

We know there was a time when people used the mod version of WhatsApp and they got banned from official WhatsApp. But now you don’t have to worry about anything. ABWA has anti-ban protection which helps you stay safe and secure from bans.

App Lock Security

Do you want to hide a contact number so no one can know about it? Or do you want to hide or lock the entire conversation with someone special? It’s time to think about the App Lock Security feature of ABWA.

This security feature of ABWA helps to keep your special conversations, media files, and audio safe from prying eyes. By enabling the app lock security feature you can protect your messages, media, and audio files with a secure pin code.

It also makes sure that if your phone is lost, no one will be able to access your WhatsApp conversation and messages. With the help of this feature, you can quickly lock all conversations with one click making it easier to protect your precious memories. So, now you can hide all your precious memories without any fear of getting exposed to anyone.


This app has many anti-features that make you able to hide and view restricted things. For starters, it has the ability to hide your online activity. When you open your WhatsApp, people can not see that you are online. Also, you can hide the blue tick that appears when you read a message. You don’t have to worry about anyone knowing you read it, and no one can bother you.

You can view deleted messages with ABWA. This allows you to see what other people have removed, and it can be a great feature if you want to keep track of conversations.

The last feature has the ability to download the status of your contacts. Also, you can hide your last seen date and time. You don’t have to worry about anyone knowing when you last logged in, and no one can bother you with that information.

How to Download and Install ABWhatsApp APK?

This is a simple and short guide about how to download and install this app on your device. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download our app from this site today.
  2. Enable the “Unknown Sources” option in your device’s settings.
  3. After you download the file, open it and install the program on your device.
  4. Register for the app using your mobile number after installation.
  5. Enjoy!

How to Use ABWA?

First of all, you need to download and install this app on your phone then you can proceed to further steps of how to use it.

  1. Log into the app using your mobile number or QR code.
  2. You can now customize the theme of your ABWA.
  3. Enjoy the faster sharing options available in ABWA.
  4. Now, you can explore its anti-ban protection, app lock security, anti-features, etc.
  5. You can also invite your friends and family to join the ABWA family.
  6. Enjoy the safe messaging experience with ABWA!


Is ABWhatsApp APK safe to use?

Yes, ABWA is 100% safe to use and it has anti-ban protection that helps you stay secure and away from getting banned.

How can I update my ABWhatsApp?

There is no auto-update of this app so you have to do it manually. Just download the latest version from this site and install it to update the app.

Can I hide my chats with this app?

Yes, you can hide your chats easily with ABWhatsApp APK.


With numerous additional features, ABWhatsApp APK is the best WhatsApp mod available out there. You can enjoy the anti-ban protection, app lock security, privacy features, and many other features that make it a must-have mod. So, download ABWA today and enjoy a safe messaging experience!